Bordertown needs a safer, more family and tourist friendly playground area.

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We need better and safer playground facilities for local families and tourists visiting the town!

A little while ago a young child ran out in front of my car on Binnie St, causing me to brake hard. It frightened me and certainly that little child as well. I emailed the council and suggested that the current fencing (ie hedging) around part of the playground was not adequate.

Unfortunately our local playground in the main street borders three roads within close vicinity and isn't fenced.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could have somewhere to take the kids to play without worrying they will be hit buy a car when they run off (and we all know they do!!). Even somewhere to hold kids parties with BBQ's etc. An area that would help bring in tourism. I'm sure many families out there are like us and try and find kid friendly places to stop when travelling? Why don't we look at other locations for a play area that are more tourist friendly like near the white kangaroos or across from the Bordertown Hotel in the park or across from Foodland. There is parking for caravans and trailers, close to amenities, shops & coffee. This would make it more user friendly for the locals too!

I think the only way forward and to get council to do something about the lack of safety and average kids facilities is to "create a movement". Send emails to council, call, drop in, talk about it. The more people who talk about this the more it is heard and maybe something will be done.