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Fuel Tracker in All Vehicles

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Your attention is requested to this news:


To summarize, electronic chips were installed inside Petrol Pump Dispensers to make them  "actually provide, say, only 900 ML of fuel, but to charge for 1 LITER". As per estimates, due to this one trick alone, these petrol pumps were looting around 6 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs each months from pockets of common people. According to various sources, same scam might be happening at many places in country.

But this is just one trick. As per this page -
Common Petrol Pump Scam Tricks in India
there are really handful of tricks, car owners might be facing each day and night and no matter how much precaution one may take, one cannot be vigilant all the time.

Fuel is most recurring expense of any vehicle. Even if someone does a error of 1% in fuel quantity or rate, it would mean a lot for pockets of people like me.

With each week, we see launches of new cars / bikes. Each one with some unique feature. Be it more efficient engine, voice assistant, auto-transmission and what not...

But I fail to understand that while each aspect of car / bike is getting digital, why has Fuel Gauge remained in its infancy? 

Actually we now need much more than fuel gauge. We need fuel tracker. A digital sensor that would tell exactly how much fuel the car has taken in and how much is now lying in its tank...

I am not technical person. But if a car can provide exact details of inside temperature, exact speed, exact number of distance run, why cannot car tell us exact quantity of fuel lying in its fuel tank??

Let us put aside question of fuel in tank, but even if Fuel Gauge (Fuel Tracker) is able to tell exactly how much fuel has been pumped in car, it would do a lot of help for customers. For the first time, car owners would be able to tell if certain Petrol Pump is doing cheating or not...

Of course, a feature like this is going to cost. But its cost would be worthwhile. We buy fitness tracker to watch calorie count, portfolio tracker to track investments and what not?? So is not a fuel tracker, a need of hour for every car and other vehicle???

Please sign this petition so that vehicle manufacturers take a note of this and do some needful in this regard.

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