TataSky Stop Harassment – Poor Services. High Cost

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I have been bravely putting up with bad services, poor customer response time, regular network outages during the so called bad weather, which happens even with a drizzle & unseasonal rains after paying hefty.

This wasn’t enough for them?

I have already paid months of subscription fees. Now suddenly all Sony channels have gone off. On asking they want me to call 10 different numbers to activate. Phone lines are always busy and customer care doesn't respond. Why should I go through this trouble when I have already paid? What will happen to the remaining channels especially my favourite like Sony BBC Earth and Sony MAX HD?

Tata sky has been absolutely inconsiderate by not even informing us in any way. There could have been atleast an SMS or an EMAIL from them telling us about this move. Better than the rude shock on the screen & then even worse when I could not get through to their stupid call centre no.s. Who doesn't enjoy sports in HD.??

Also why should I give a missed call if they will any way activate the channel. This is a case of pure harassment.

TataSky STOP HARRASSING Us! You need to compensate for the harassment and the inconvenience caused.  You cannot dictate our viewing choices.