For a Drop in Rental Housing Prices!

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As of May 2018, Hobart was revealed as the most unaffordable city in Australia for tenants, according to a report by The Rental Affordability Index (RAI). It found Hobart’s tenants were spending 29 per cent of their total wages on rent.

We all can see the rising cost of living from groceries, fuel, electricity, taking a Metro bus to the city etc., and we are working just to meet ends meet. Tasmania's estimated unemployment rate in October 2018 was the third highest in the country at 5.6%.

Low and middle-income Tasmanians pay the highest prices for electricity in Australia in proportion to their annual income.

In November 2018, The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania suggested that Tasmanian are paying too much for petrol and diesel. There are factors such as the cost of crude oil internationally, exchange rates, refining and transportation which may be out of state government's control but one major factor is within their control is the high tax rates on fuel.


We humbly pray that the Government seek solutions which would offer Tasmanian lower rental housing and reduction on the cost of living. The Tasmanian government must step up to build more affordable housing, to create jobs, to increase wages, to reduce electricity prices, to provide cheaper transportation. Not increasing everything!

  • Raise the minimum wage.
  • Create more jobs.
  • Improve the standard of living for average Tasmanian.
  • Build more affordable housing apartments. Build! Build! Build!
  • Insist that the state-owned electricity company, Aurora, reduce prices for customers and open the energy market for more competition.

Sources: ABC, AFR, Department of Treasury and Finance.