Stop cruise ships berthing in Hobart during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Tasmania thinks of itself as a relatively isolated island state, reducing the infiltration of disease from the outside world. We have strict bio security quarantine laws enforced to prevent fresh foods brining in diseases that would damage our food production. Yet every day we see enormous cruise ships berth in Hobart full of thousands of passengers who may potentially, and unwillingly, bring more cases of COVID-19 to our shores. So far we have been lucky, but once the virus takes hold here we will see an exponential expansion in cases. Our health system is already stretched beyond capacity - passengers of cruise ships already add to that with general ailments but once the novel Coronavirus starts having an impact our hospitals won’t cope. Experts suggest the best case scenario is that 3000 people will die from this virus in Australia if it’s handled well. Tasmania has a number of factors which will mean our mortality rate will be higher than the national average - we have a higher than average burden of disease, our population is older, our hospitals are already full, and we have less access to critical care equipment that will be needed to keep the most severely affected patients alive. 
The impact of COVID-19 is already going to be severe enough for Tasmania. We call upon the Tasmanian Government to halt the flow of cruise ships to our state until the crisis is over, to minimize the exposure of our population to the additional huge numbers of transient visitors potentially carrying this virus.