Suicide Prevention on the Tasman Bridge

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Tasmania has the nation’s second-highest suicide rate per capital.

The Tasman Bridge is a massive problem in Tasmania, unfortunately it has become to easy for people to take their own lives on the bridge.

I used to look at this bridge everyday and see nothing but beauty, but now all I see is pain. I’ve never hated a structure more than the Tasman Bridge. 

In 2015 the coroners office tried to enforce change by raising the rails higher, however this failed to go ahead.

“An appropriate height for effective suicide prevention would be at least three metres, ideally sloping back towards the pathway to make climbing difficult,” Ms McTaggart wrote.

This option costs around $8.3 million.

A second option was “Construction of a new shared path that is fully enclosed with walls and a roof, eliminating the possibility of users climbing out.”

This option costs around $76 million.

We have been given great options to prevent more lives being lost, helping to protect the vulnerable in our society.

However, Unfortunately the government is not willing to spend the money on fixing the problem, but when did money mean more than peoples lives.

It is important for our voices to be heard because the problem is only getting worse and it’s leaving families heartbroken.

Please sign and make a difference to our society so we can together save lives.

If you or anyone is struggling please call

Lifeline on 13 11 14