To Get the Devonport library open to the homeless

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There are so many cold homeless people around Tasmania who need a warm safe place to stay at Night the old Devonport library would be perfect if we could get our state to open it up to them even as a crisis centre and have a security guard present if needed. We have homeless males/females and family sleeping rough in tents on the cold concrete in front of shops and down  on the beachs we cant leave these innocent people like this it is to cold our winters are brutal and someone is going to end up seriously ill or even worse pass away, no one deserves to have to sleep on the street because there is no where else for them to go no houses no accomodation that will take these people in housing cannot do anything either they have already been to every place for help and cannot get any they just get pissed to the side and forgotten about there is no reason why these people should have to be living rough on the streets when out state can help them get somewhere safe and warm to sleep at night we need this to change and we need your help Tasmania we cannot do it alone! We need the old Devonport library open to the homeless, our state is trying to pretend there isn't a housing crisis across Tasmania but there 100% is and our family's deserve better than this please sighn and share the word we need to help these people.


Thank you