Stop the amalgamation of Tasman and Sorell councils - Save your local council

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Petition against the amalgamation of Tasman Council

We the undersigned electors, residents, ratepayers, visitors, and businesses within the area of the Tasman Municipality are strongly opposed to the amalgamation of Tasman Council with Sorell Council or any other council.

We reject that this proposed merging of Tasman with Sorell Council be in the interests of ratepayers;  will improve the level of service for communities;
 will preserve and maintain local representation; and will ensure that the financial status of the entities is strengthened.

The proposed 'wards' deemed to represent the Tasman Municipality at the onset of the proposed voluntary amalgamation, would not provide a long term representation of the municipality, negatively impacting the level of local representation.

Furthermore the social implications of the proposed voluntary amalgamation would have greater negative effects on the Tasman municipality and community, and have not been considered thoroughly in the review process.