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Save the Canada Goose habitat in Wembley, AB

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The pond on the east side of Wembley, AB welcomes dozens of Canadian Geese and various ducks home every spring. Near this pond they nest and when the eggs hatch, many goslings call this pond home; this is where they take their first steps, their first swim, and learn to fly. These geese are in danger of losing their home, and may never return.

The town of Wembley has posted a notice on Facebook that they have “granted access to the drainage pond to Pipestone Oil Corporation to remove water from this pond.” Essentially, they are selling the fresh water to a Calgary based oil and gas company and have given the excuse that they need to remove the cattails surrounding the pond to avoid “flooding” houses nearby. The houses that back onto the pond have not experienced any flooding and the cattails will not “take over the pond” as they suggest

The Canada Goose is protected in Canada under the Migratory Birds Convention Act. Under this act, interfering with the activity of the migratory animals and their environment(s) are subject to restrictions. As per my conversation with Environment Canada, interfering with the habitat of Geese, cannot be done until after the goslings are big enough to travel to another wetland area. This means that any draining or cattail removal before August 1st would leave these young birds vulnerable with the possibility of high mortality. The nests of geese include shores of cattail, bases of trees, haystacks and unoccupied nests of other birds. If the town removes these cattails before fall, they could potentially be destroying many goose nests in the process, as the nests are often hard to find.

         In order to preserve our migratory birds, I implore you to sign this petition and show your support in preventing the destruction of these nests until after their peak season (i.e. August 1st).

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