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Our School's Financial Future and Teacher Acceptance of Proposed Contract

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Public school education is the most accessible, diverse form of education. Tunkhannock Area School District celebrates both of those attributes and extends the benefits of a public education to the greatest number of students possible. Our best teachers share this belief and support our mission.

We value our teachers tremendously, but we must acknowledge difficult financial realities of the District. Enrollment is declining, our tax base is flat, and health care and retirement costs are soaring. We’ve kept teacher staffing levels constant and compensated teachers fairly and competitively. Our taxpayers are among the highest in Wyoming County and we must ensure the District operates within its financial means. 

Not everyone shares this viewpoint. The contract will expire soon and the District has proposed a very generous package with a spirit of collaboration and a goal of financial discipline. Key issues of dispute are wages, health care benefits, and retirement incentives. These threaten to significantly impact the District’s already over-stressed budget. 

We value student learning tremendously and are disappointed that some teachers are displeased with the proposed contract. Tell the union you cannot afford ANY unreasonable demands. Support the District’s call for a financially responsible contract.

Tell our Teachers to accept the proposed healthcare before the end of this month, Let them know we can not afford to be locked into the old much more expensive healthcare. Many people in our district pay thousands of dollars a year for health care. It' s disturbing that these same people must subsidize Healthcare for our district employees . Everyone needs to contribute a fair share towards Healthcare ,nothing is free. We have the utmost respect for all of our district employee's but they too need to be fiscally responsible so that our children can be properly educated.

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