Stop the sale of disposable plastic at Taronga Zoo’s 2018 vivid festival!

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All Sydney-siders know and love Taronga Zoo. It’s loved not just for the experience of getting up close to some amazing creatures, but also for the huge amount of work they do in the field of conservation and research.

If you’ve been to Taronga you’d have likely seen the seal show, where zoo keepers educate visitors on the perils marine life face due to plastic pollution. Taronga state we can all make a difference by simple actions and choices we make in our everyday life.

So it makes me sad to see Taronga Zoo selling things like plastic glow sticks, wrist bands and fairy floss on plastic glow sticks at this years Vivid Festival. It flies in the face of everything they stand for.

This festival attracts thousands of visitors from near and far. Tempting kids as they walk through the entrance with bright pieces of plastic that, let’s be real, entertain them for 13 minutes in total (if I’m being generous), is not speaking the Taronga message of conservation and consideration for the planet. Those glow sticks and wrist bands will end up very soon in landfill or the ocean.

Yes, parents have a choice to buy or not to buy them. But the choice shouldn’t be there at all. 

We ask Taronga Zoo to cease the sale of disposable plastic glow sticks, wristbands and the like at the 2018 Vivid Festival and at all festivals hereafter.

We all want to act for the wild, protect our planet and see the end of disposable plastic.

Lead the way Taronga Zoo!



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