Shut down online classes for Universities that are still conducting them

Shut down online classes for Universities that are still conducting them

1 April 2020
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Started by Coffee is yummy

Addressing to students! Even if you are not facing any problems think about those with no internet connection, no laptops, who rely on General Labs of the University to study, those students have lost so much in these Online Sessions.
There is a big loophole:
1- Major ISP's are cutting the bandwidth from home connections
2- While this happens, our University still persists to continue online studies.
3- Universities are charging the same amount of fees for a semester in which they are saving: Point Expenses, Electricity Expenses and Equipment maintenance expenses. Students are not being compensated for this in any way. 
4- Teachers are threatening students with strict attendances, neglecting those who don't have internet connection/laptops/electricity.
5- Teachers don't have enough software knowledge to conduct effective classes and this is also causing a lot of problems.

6- Teachers make social media groups to keep in touch and assume student to be aware of everything that is being discussed on the group. Even if 1 student has 5 courses, it is difficult to look into all the group chats on different social media platforms to scan for that one useful comment/post by the teacher.

7- The students who have the laptops/mobiles and electricity are still facing bandwidth issues, and keep connecting/re-connecting during the sessions, which is also causing a lot of problems

Online Classes is not the solution to a Country which is ranked 157/176 on Global Index of Fixed Bandwidth
So, the only solution possible is to provide semester break and continue later face-to-face when the lock down situation gets normal

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Signatures: 15Next Goal: 25
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