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Stop Selling Stalking Valentine's Day greeting card

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During a recent visit to Target, I was sad to see a Valentine's Greeting Card that made light of stalking on display at my local Merced store. The card is red on the outside and reads "Stalker is a harsh word" and on the inside it reads "I prefer Valentine."

In a society where 3.4 million people over the age of 18 ( are stalked each year in the United States, I find making light of the crime a very dangerous message. I, for one, know that in my community this is a very frightening and dangerous crime. When you sell a card that conflates stalking with love or affection, you are selling a very dangerous message.

Anybody who has ever experienced being stalked may see this greeting card making light of the crimes committed against them and feel unsupported and re-triggered. Anbyody who has ever stalked someone may see this greeting card and feel emboldened that what they have done is acceptable behavior, when in fact it is a crime.

With this petition I am asking for one thing: I would love to see Target take responsibility by no longer selling this product. By selling a product that makes light of a serious crime, you are not acting as a part of the solution, but as part of the problem.

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