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Juicy Couture founders Gela Nash Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy have started a new fashion line called Skaist-Taylor. The line includes furs from dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchillas, and foxes. These animals are brutally mistreated and slaughtered in inhumane ways such as anal electrocution, skinning while conscious, and strangling, to name a few. This horrible tragedy could be avoided if Pam and Gela choose to use faux fur instead of real fur. I am calling on Target to stop selling Skaist-Taylor products in their stores and to say NO to inhumane torture for fur!

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Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Target Mr. Gregg Steinhafel
Target Ms. Denise May
Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Target Mr. Michael Francis
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President of Financial and Retail Services, Target Mr. Terrence J. Scully
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Target on behalf of products you sell from designers Skaist-Taylor.

Please Go Fur-Free!

Dear Target,
I was shocked to find out that your store carries and endorses products made by fashion designers Skaist-Taylor. Animals who are slaughtered for the fur used in many of these designs go through horrifying experiences for the sake of fashion. These animals live in cramped, filthy cages for their entire lives, and are often driven to madness and cannibalism due to these conditions. Animals on fur farms are routinely anally or vaginally electrocuted, skinned alive, or gassed. If trapped in the wild, they are then drowned or shot, sometimes after days of languishing and bleeding in cruel traps. If you have any compassion for animals within you, you must feel that this is wrong- especially for the sake of fashion.
By refusing to endorse Skaist-Taylor's products in your stores and saying "NO" to the sale and production of fur for the sake of fashion, there is a great chance we can end this cruel practice. Compassionate and fashionable alternatives to fur, such as faux fur, exist and should be utilized instead.
Please support innocent animals and stop supporting Skaist-Taylor until they pledge to go fur-free.

Thank You,

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