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Stop discrimination against the LGBT community.

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My name is Matthew Jyung and I live my life as an openly gay man. I would like to start this petition, because I do not want anyone else in the LGBT community to receive the treatment I did while shopping at Target. On Feb. 3rd 2013, I was at a Target with my friends looking around trying on shoes and heels. While trying on some heels my friends were recording me and we were happily preparing to make a purchase. While doing so, an employee came up and rudely asked me to take the heels off, if I’m not going to buy them. I told him I was going to buy them, but I later changed my mind after he had harassed us the way he did. My friend inquired why I needed to take them off even if I decided not to purchase them and he hesitated to answer the legitimate question that had been raised. He answered in a rude tone “because if he stretches them out other people will not buy them and then they would have to throw them out.” I’m sure people of all walks of life come into target and try on shoes without being harassed. Once he said that we knew it wasn’t about heels being stretched, it was about my friends and I being gay or lesbian. Every time he tried to explain himself, we knew his motive was based entirely on gender bias. After leaving the shoe section, he made a rude comment to another customer saying “if they want to try on shoes, there is a payless down the street!”. After he made that offensive comment, I went downstairs to customer service and talked to a woman working there. She told me that the man who had harassed us and treated us so poorly was the manager. His name is James Taylor.
This was a very unfortunate experience for me and I’m sure many of my brothers and sisters in the LGBT community have been in similar situations. I would like for the employees of this target to treat every single one of their customers with the respect that they deserve. No person should feel like a victim or less than equal while shopping in a big corporate store such as Target. Especially when the company Target calls itself a supporter of the LGBT community.
I ask that you join me in this petition of Target until James Taylor provides a written apology and guarantee that every customer that walks into his store will be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identification. Please help me stand up to those who oppress us. I refuse to be silenced.

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