Offer a plastic-free aisle at the Target in Daly City.

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Why plastic? Plastic is in everything. It's terrible for our environment and our health. Recently, a store in Amsterdam offered alternatives to plastic and opened a plastic-free aisle. They are the first store in the world to do so.

Let's get Target to commit to being the first store in the United States to offer a plastic-free aisle. Start local with the Target at Serramonte in Daly City.

A few issues with plastics:

It's not about banning plastic, it's about offering alternative products (such as #plasticfree reusable straws) and opening doors for new companies to sell their plastic-free products in a large chain store. Target has the opportunity to broaden and strengthen their commitment to sustainability. So, what do you say Target? Will you offer a plastic-free aisle at the Serramonte location?

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