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Petitioning CEO of Target, Inc Gregg Steinhafel

Target: Make sure your clothes-workers have safe factories

The 1100 workers who died in the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh may have been making clothes for us. Since then, most European retailers have signed a new accord on building safety in Bangladesh. Major U.S. retailers have refused to sign -- including Walmart, Gap/Old Navy, Children's Place, Kohl's, Carters, and Target. Disney decided to stop sourcing clothes to Bangladesh, which hardly helps Bangladeshi workers. American consumers are left with very few major retailers where we can buy clothes for our kids or ourselves in good conscience.

Please, Target, make sure your clothes workers have basic safe conditions. Sign the accord on Bangladeshi factory safety.

Economists calculate that insuring basic worker safety may cost an addition 10 cents for each item of clothing. We are willing to pay a dime.

There is more info and links here:

Letter to
CEO of Target, Inc Gregg Steinhafel
Make sure your clothes-workers have safe factories. Please sign the Bangladeshi Factory Safety Accord.

This is your chance to rise above the competition and make your brand stand for integrity.

We just want to buy socks (and everything else) without worrying that the sock-sewers are in the next Rana Plaza that might collapse.

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