Help Us Ban Plastic, Bags, Straws, Etc.

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You have probably heard this multiple times but here it is again, we NEED to make a change because by 2050 there will be more plastic waste than fish in the ocean! So here are some reasons why you should sign this petition.  

  • Our planet is dying from all the plastic waste
  • when you drink from plastic bottles or straws, the plastic can carry leachate which is toxic and can kill you
  • also, plastic waste can be eaten by sea and land animals and when they eat the waste they think they're full when they are not and they starve to death
  • and when we eat fish or any marine wildlife if the thing your eating once ate plastic then it could be toxic from the leachate

But if all this is happening how can I help? You may ask well here are some ideas on how to help!

You could:

  • sign this petition to get more people to notice that we need to make a change
  • use metal straws, paper straws, reusable bags, or paper bags, reusable water bottles, metal water bottles, Etc.
  • and so many more! So if you're interested in saving our planet then research more about it.

Still, don't believe me about all this? Then read this because this website is a known website and will give you a lot of info:

Thank you to our inspiration Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB) because you inspired us 10-year-olds to try and make a change and we believe we can! Thank you so much for reading this it truly means a lot so please with a few clicks sign this petition to help us achieve our goal. Thank you

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