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Cut it out! Stop telling kids what is for girls and what is for boys


Children deserve to be able to grow up in a society that tells them they can do anything and be anything, no matter their gender.

But a month after Target sold t-shirts to raise money for Minnesotans to be able to marry whomever they desire - regardless of gender - I found two pairs of scissors in my local Target labeled "girl" (pink) and "boy" (blue) on the pricing tags. 

I then discovered that Target even breaks down toys into "boys' toys" and "girls' toys" -- where you'll only find pretend ironing boards and baking sets for girls. And you'll only find police, firefighter, and construction worker dress-up for boys. 

It's time for Target to tell children that it's okay for boys to like pink and for girls to like blue. Girls can like Batman, and boys can like to cook. If marriage can be genderless, so can toys and even scissors.

Cut it out, Target. Stop telling children what is okay for them to like, and let kids be kids.

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