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Offer people who are potentially impacted by recent security breach 3 full years credit monitoring services at no charge

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I am an irritated customer extremely distraught over the security breach of recent days.  I spend thousands of dollars at Target stores, and unfortunately I used a credit card during the dates in question.

 Their response to this crisis is disingenuous at best.  Their "advice" is extremely generic and places the onus of this problem (and resolving it) on the customer, i.e., the very people that keep you in business.

Whether they all their your ivory towers can believe it or not, it is not simply as easy as just calling your bank or card company and "monitoring" transactions.  This is something that has to be done on a regular basis now for those who are impacted.  Placing a fraud alert or freeze on a credit profile sounds great.  However, what those people don't realize is that for ordinary folks like us who don't get a 6 figure (or more) salary, applying for credit, mortgages, car loans, etc. is a way of life.  Alerts or freezes stall this process cold and makes such credit applications far more onerous and stressful than they need to be.

Let's not discount the emotional fallout from something like this.  I HAVE SPENT A LIFETIME PROTECTING MY CREDIT PROFILE AND IDENTITY.  I AM CERTAIN COUNTLESS OTHERS HAVE.  IT IS INFURIATING TO SEE SOMETHING LIKE THIS BREACH CAUSE ALL OF THIS TROUBLE AND EFFORT (YEARS WORTH) TO SIMPLY BE NEGATED!  It is doubly infuriating to see people so out of touch as Target's execs to simply "pooh pooh" the problem away by suggesting that consumers should bear the burden of your woefully inadequate information security systems and inept technology staff (I direct the last few words of the previous sentence to you, Ms. Jacob).  You should simply hand in your resignation or be terminated, given all the heartache, hassle, worry and anxiety you have caused so many people by not ensuring that your information security infrastructure is not as robust as it needs to be given the other numerous very high profile data breaches that have occurred over the past 10 years.

    Target apologizes for the "inconvenience" they have caused their customers.  They use that very word.  It is clear to me that they are clearly out of touch, simply for using that word!  Clearing one's name after an incident of identity theft is not merely an inconvenience.  It can take hours and days of work.  You have to wait on the phone on hold with the credit reporting agencies.  You have to file reports with the local police jurisdiction.  You have to monitor all your credit cards and bank accounts.  Worst of all, your piece of mind is shot.  It's as if someone had come into your house and physically robbed you.  It is a virtual violation, and they call it "INCONVENIENT?????"

Shame on them all.  This is something their insurance should be covering as well as associated expenses.  One of the expenses they should incur is offering ALL customers who can show that they used a card in their stores during the dates in question at least THREE years of credit monitoring services FOR FREE.

If they cannot see the light and make this right, people should NEVER spend another penny in one of their stores.

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