Improvement on Policies and Practices Regarding Collectibles at Target

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Hello all,

While I expected at some point greed would begin to kill the hobby of collecting Funko POP figures, what I've seen at Target in particular the past week or so regarding the new releases and exclusives from collectors around the country is disheartening and will likely deter many collectors from even bothering to visit their local Target at all. It's always been an issue to an extent collecting anything that there will be those people who see it as nothing more than an outlet for profit, but in 20+ years of collecting many things I've never seen such cutthroat and childish behavior so many people have and are experiencing. Specifically regarding the horror selection and Crota exclusive POP's, I don't think many of us have ever experienced the level of for profit sellers going into stores and cleaning out every limited item from the cases in the back before they hit the shelves or aggressive and unbecoming treatment of employees before. Like many high-demand items your company carries, particularly exclusives to your stores, I believe that reasonable limits should be put in place to allow, within reason, a moderate opportunity at these items to all collectors. Every store within 100 miles of my location has been cleaned out, for secondhand profit, by a group of 4-5 people, and, despite doing the whole getting there early before opening to get in first thing, are able to walk in and buy every single high-demand item in one transaction and then move onto the next area store to continue the process, and it's not limited to this area. Not to mention, it doesn't help when items have a reset or release date and are released early, late, or sold from the stockroom before other customers have any chance at them. I've heard from many collectors completely frustrated, nearly to the point of quitting over the state of things lately, and it is largely because of the experience with the release of these items. If it's reasonable to put a limit of one per customer on the NES and SNES Classics, I think it's a reasonable request that some similar policy be considered for items people are buying for $8.99 from your store and before they've even paid have already listed for sale online at outrageous prices. Please consider this petition and the bulk of collectors who do this for the love of it and want everyone to have a fair chance at finding what they want. It will only hurt business in the future if it's unreasonable to come into your stores and find what you're looking for.

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