Target Workers Demand Hazard Pay - T2212

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  • Target employees working at location T2212 have endured extreme physical and psychological stress throughout the coronavirus pandemic. As we continue to work through the second wave of the pandemic, we demand that Target Corporation reinstate the $2 hazard pay incentive it had offered during the first wave of the pandemic.

Both the New York Times and ProPublica have written about the impact of COVID-19, reporting that in states where Black communities make up only a relatively small portion of the population, nearly half — if not majority — of all COVID-19 deaths are members of the Black community. Given that T2212 is located in a primarily working class, Black community, Target is responsible for the protection of both its employees and the community that it serves. If Target is truly dedicated to racial equality, then it must provide a minimum of $2 hazard pay to mitigate the extreme risk that its essential workers face on a daily basis at this location.