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Change Women's Clothing Sizes to Colors instead! No more XL, Large, how about blue instead

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Sizing in stores is outdated and archaic and causes women to obsess over their size. They are no longer good for women or fit for purpose. It is depressing to go into a "Plus size" section. Women should love to buy clothing. Shopping in a fuchsia or Royal Blue section would be exciting. Having colors for sizes makes everyone feel good. Making this change would make a difference for women and give them an opportunity to embrace their size. There would be no more depressing feelings about not fitting into a size extra small or small and being branded a extra large or a Plus size. In addition men's and women's sizes are so different and there is an expectation that a women's large should be smaller than a men's large. There added weight placed on women to be a specific size. In Hollywood models are larger than a size 4 they are considered not fit for camera. This needs to be eliminated.  This archaic sizing chart and labels of color can help facilitate a change of how women view themselves. Embrace the color chart and create a feeling of inclusiveness for all women and allow them to start feeling good about themselves. What size are you? will become what color do you wear? Royal Blue, Emerald Green. eliminating the uncomfortable feeling at holidays when family members ask what size you are or at work, ordering shirts when asked to list your size. This will no longer ostracize certain groups of women.  What will it be ladies? Do you want to be an XL or Emerald Green? Large or Pink? Medium or Royal Blue?


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