Ban Plastic Bags in Tennessee

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Hello All,

My name is Megan Cianfaglione. I live in Thompsons Station, Tennessee. I am writing this petition to help put a ban on plastic bags in Tennessee. Recently I reviewed that a potential ban on plastic bags was declined by Gov. Bill Lee. I am hoping this petition reaches to all people also concerned with the impact these single use plastic bags have on our environment. Tennessee is a beautiful state with amazing national parks and i would hate to see them turn to dumps. So much as one plastic bag is one too many in a world quickly filling with plastic with no where to go.

This not only impacts the environment as nasty eyesores seen on the sides of the road and stuck on tree limbs but it poses an even greater threat when it starts to breakdown. The lifespan of ONE single plastic bag can last for upwards of 1000 YEARS. Meaning that every piece of plastic ever made on this planet is still floating around; in the oceans, rivers, and lakes we use to supply our water here in Tennessee. 

There are many other ways to go about life without the use of plastic bags. I personally always carry a reusable shopping bag that i find to be quite durable and able to hold much more weight. Another way to ditch plastic bags is to switch to paper; although paper gets a bad rep when talking about the environment, it is more easily recyclable and decomposes in about a month as opposed to plastic bags which take hundreds of years. Whole Foods has a great program where customers are rewarded with 10 cents off of each reusable bag used, that is another great way to get people to bring reusable bags and cut down on waste. Whole Foods also does not carry plastic bags they use brown paper bags which are BETTER for the environment in the long run.

One more option to help transition plastic bags out for good would be to start taxing companies or customers for using plastic bags. If every company did this, eventually more and more customers would jump on board with the idea that reusable/paper is the way to go. And if companies ditched plastic bags they would gain great press, and increase their sales while also reducing the cost spent on plastic bags.

These were just a few ideas i have had from personal experiences and through steady research on the good ole internet. It was that easy to find solutions. We are smart people and we are capable people. So let's put one foot forward and take a small step towards creating a CLEANER, more SUSTAINABLE environment not only for us now but also for future generations to come. 

My name is Megan Cianfaglione and if you are with me or if you just want to help save the world one step at a time, please sign this petition. Tennessee is counting on you.