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Stop Using Plastic Bags

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           In many countries, people are using plastic bags in grocery stores. Did you know there is a huge floating landfill in the middle of the Pacific Ocean bigger than the size of Texas?! It’s the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and 90% of this floating trash is plastic litter, many of those are plastic bags. Each year, about 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide, and only 5% of plastic bags are recycled! The rest ends up in landfills, litter on the ground, and as floating trash in the ocean. Plastic bags NEED to be banned everywhere. People in power must BAN the use of plastic bags! Large companies should STOP using plastic bags! We are going to tell you 3 reasons why: plastic bags are harmful to animals and the environment, plastic bags are not biodegradable or recyclable, and plastic bags aren’t even that useful or strong. We are writing this to urge everyone to stop using plastic bags.

          One reason why we must ban plastic bags is that plastic bags are harmful to animals. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is in between San Francisco and Japan, and it is a whirlpool of trash. Fish, sea turtles, and birds eat the trash thinking it is food because it looks like jellyfish. This makes them sick and DIE. For example, turtles can’t eat food anymore because the plastic expands in the stomach and it might starve to death. Also, we saw Oprah’s Earth Day video on youtube and saw a bird stuck in a plastic bag. When fish accidentally eat bits of plastic, people can catch those fish and eat the plastic filled fish. That can’t be good for us either!

          Plastic bags are made out of oil and once it is made, it is not recyclable nor biodegradable. This means that nature cannot make the plastic break down. Of course worms do not eat plastic bags. Because plastic bags don’t get broken down, they go into landfills, litter our streets, and in the oceans or other habitats. 152 billion plastic bags are made in the US each year! That is a lot plastic bags in landfills or our ecosystems!

         Have you ever gone grocery shopping and all of your vegetables fell out of a broken plastic bag? Have you ever gotten those marks on your hands because plastic bags aren’t even comfortable? Our last reason for banning plastic bags is: plastic bags aren’t even that useful. It doesn’t last long and breaks easily. For example, one time an unnamed member of 205 went to Safeway and used a plastic bag to carry out her gallon of milk. The bag was not strong enough to hold the milk and it spilled everywhere. DON’T let this be you. Instead, you should use cloth bags or paper bags. Paper bags are recyclable and compostable. Cloth bags: last longer, are very sturdy, comfortable to hold, and you can even put it in the washing machine!

          Now you know why plastic bags need to stop immediately. In conclusion, we plead everyone in the world to stop using plastic bags. If many people stop using plastic bags, companies might not make them anymore. If plastic bags are banned, our oceans will be healthier. Our landfills won’t be all plastic. Also, you can tell everyone: your work friends, your family, or you can write letters to Jerry Brown and Donald Trump. Other countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe have already banned plastic bags in their country! If you are a kid: you can help by picking up plastic bags that litter our sidewalks. We must help take care of our environment by saying NO to plastic bags!

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