A Roller Skate Rink For Missoula

A Roller Skate Rink For Missoula

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Started by Amanda Barcello

Hi my name Is Amanda Barcello, my family and I have called Missoula home for 8 years now, a place me, my boyfriend; my child's father choose to raise and grow with our daughter.

We have adapted and become locals!

About 6 yrs ago during winter I stumbled across Instagram and became obsessed with watching Roller Skating videos which led to YouTube skating tutorials as well. It was shortly after I decided I needed to get involved!

I needed a pair of Roller Skates! I found a small wonderful, thriving community online that was very involved in outdoor skating, just my kind of scene. I asked about everything I needed to know about the dangers of street skating and what I could do to be safe and prepared for certain situations.

However On thanks giving 2020 I was victim to a hit and run accident while skating in California. I procured a serious injury to my left knee and It's almost forced me to stop winter skating, the cold affects the pain in it greatly. Also I can say mentally I've been affected by the lack of ... Well being able to do what I love most & inspiring others daily!

Short story,  I've had 2 pairs of skates and have skated all of Missoula for the last 5ish years, & there is nothing like outdoor Roller skating, without a doubt!! But Montana is unfortunately a state with real winters and terrible streets/pavement and us skaters and adventurous outdoor type are forced inside, it gets tiring seeing us go dormant.

I know I'm not the only one who gets the winter blues and I'm here to say I Have a solution!!

We need A Rollers Skate Rink!

A Safe place all year round for everyone to enjoy!

I need your help to spread the word & I need Your signature!

It's time you feel what I feel everytime I put on those 8 wheels, only in a controlled safe and fun environment.

It's time to let the good times roll!


137 have signed. Let’s get to 200!