Stop Violence Against Women

Stop Violence Against Women

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Tarak Soni

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Started by Tarak Soni

Dr. Priyanka was one of us. She was a piece of our veterinary circle.

I've been numb with stun as far back as the news spread about her awful murder.

Like me, she was a veterinary specialist, who took wiped out creatures back to wellbeing. She could have given such a great amount to the general public, had she not been fiercely killed. 

Priyanka had a splendid future in front of her and these men removed that. Her last message to her family was that she felt frightened.

Every one of the ladies I realize feel frightened on our roads, particularly the individuals who take a shot around evening time shifts.

Priyanka's assault and murder will make them reconsider before venturing out.

Tarak, we, as a general public need to guarantee ladies have a sense of security. What's more, that starts with ensuring that Priyanka's executioners are rebuffed.

Sign my request requesting that the legislature and our courts rebuff the liable and give Priyanka equity.

In the course of recent hours, I've seen about 7.5 lakh individuals sign my appeal. I trust it is on the grounds that we have shouted out for equity in one voice that the police have captured the 4 denounced and suspended the police officers who postponed documenting the FIR. It has even made the Governor and the CM guarantee quick equity.

We should not quit yelling for equity. 7.5 lakh individuals have given their shock through their indications. We are a nation of a billion people, we need at any rate 15 lakh marks to present sure this defense isn't overlooked.

How about we ensure each Indian has marked this appeal, with the goal that our Courts can't prevent lakhs from claiming individuals requesting something very similar:


I won't rest until equity is served. Go along with me! We can't bring Priyanka back, however we can battle to ensure this doesn't occur to another lady.

Much thanks to you for requesting equity,

Tarak Soni

1,139 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!