Tara Anglican School for Girls: Stand against the discrimination of LGBTQIA+

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Tara Anglican School for girls petitioned in support of maintaining their right to be exempt from Section 38 of the Federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984. This exemption allows religious Schools to discriminate on the basis of sex, sexuality, gender identity, relationship/marital/pregnancy status. Although Tara claims to not outrightly exercise their right to discriminate based on sexuality or identity we believe that the message conveyed is a hurtful/ damaging one which harnesses the potential to greatly impede on the wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ students and teachers. For so many of us Tara was a place where we always felt safe, uplifted, and free to be ourselves, a place of learning, friendship and personal growth. Every student (and teacher) deserves to feel and experience this, not just the straight cis-gendered ones.

It's "Love thy neighbour as thy self" NOT "Love thy neighbour as thyself, unless they're LGBTQI+"