Oppose moving Tapestry Charter School K-5 Program out of current location

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Families were told in early February 2016 that, based on a recommendation of the Compass Leadership Team, Tapestry Charter School planned to move its K-5 program the following year out of its current location at 65 Great Arrow Ave to 345 Olympic Avenue. The Tapestry Board of Trustees plans to vote on this proposal at its meeting on February 24. 

The process used to select the location was done without parent input and without considering their needs. Families choose Tapestry Charter School for a variety of reasons, and those reasons were never solicited or considered by the Compass Leadership Team. In addition, by informing parents at such a late date, they are prevented from searching for a different school which may better meet their needs. Their right of School Choice is effectively being taken away. 

Questions regarding the health and safety of the new location have been largely unaddressed. For example, what are the health effects caused by the poor air quality due to its close proximity to the New York State Route 33 Expressway. These questions needs to be fully addressed to the satisfaction of parents before any move should be considered.  

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