Please ensure that all public information produced by Government and its agencies is written in plain English.

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Happy New Year! Thank you for signing our petition. So far, we are delighted to report that we have 1,200 signatures. We plan to use the signatures to ask the Taoiseach to ensure that all public information is written in plain English. Please, will you help us get more signatures? Would you be willing to email and ask five (or more if you like!) of your friends or work colleagues to support our campaign? It would massively increase the number of signatures. This in turn would help us present a stronger case for plain English to our Government. Below is a short message that you could send to your friends or work colleagues. Thanks again, we really appreciate your support. The National Adult Literacy Agency Message: I’m supporting a campaign by the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) to get all public information written in plain English. Plain English is a style of presenting information that helps you understand it the first time you read it. That means no small print or confusing jargon – it makes perfect sense! Can you help by signing their petition here Thanks,

National Adult Literacy Agency
7 years ago