WWF - Stop Supporting Trophy Hunting!!! Back a Ban on UK Trophy Imports!!!

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John Smith
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Dear Tanya Steele,

I was horrified to learn that WWF has funded Trophy Hunting projects, received money from the Trophy Hunting industry, and lobbied in support of Trophy Hunting.

A new book, “KILLING GAME: The Extinction Industry” – recently featured in The Times - has uncovered evidence that:

·         WWF-UK REFUSES to support a ban on trophy hunting imports

·         WWF-UK SUPPORTS Trophy Hunting of POLAR BEARS

·         WWF-UK has poured money into a project where trophy hunters can shoot CHEETAHS, ELEPHANTS, GIRAFFES, LEOPARDS, LIONS, RHINOS & ZEBRAS

WWF supporters have given you their hard-earned money in response to fundraising appeals to help save rhinos, leopards and other endangered animals.

It now turns out that WWF has been supporting the trophy hunting of these very same creatures.

This is cynical, hypocritical, and disgraceful.

I demand that WWF support a ban on trophy hunting imports, and that you apologise for misleading your supporters.

Until you do so, I will never support or donate to WWF.