Bowmanville Zoo animals are being whipped and beaten, demand their safe release

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Animal mistreatment is a serious thing.  This isn't a fuzzy sponsor some random animal in the middle of nowhere, or a charity asking you to make blind donations.  We aren't even proposing you do anything more than share this petition and the story behind it.

At issue is owner Michael Hackenberger.  Previously during a television broadcast and working with primates he was recorded swearing and verbally abusing the animals.  You might chuckle, but what's now happened most recently is no laughing matter.

Hidden Camera Footage

The footage is unedited, and as Michael Hackenberger admits was filmed in his ring.  You can quite clearly see a siberian tiger with Mr. Hackenberger with a cat whip repeatedly cracking the whip at, around and on the tiger.  The practice of whipping any animal is an insult not only to the animal in question but to us as Canadians.  Such treatment of animals is viewed as horrific when we see it on the news anywhere in the world, and to see it happening here in Canada should not only be viewed as such, but treated as nothing less than criminal.

What we would like to see is those animals that are able to be safely and successfully released into their native habitats freed, and those that are too old, unwell or simply not skilled enough sent to live in protected sanctuaries.

While nobody can argue the value in viewing and studying such amazing creatures, we equally cannot argue the fact that treating these animals with such disrespect, cruelty and malice is unacceptable.

We would ask the Ontario SPCA, CAZA and Provincial government to step in and ensure the safe release and relocation of these animals, and for criminal charges to be brought against Mr. Hackenberger and the Bowmanville Zoo.

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