Tanmay Bhat for Prime Minister of India - 2019

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Our country keeps getting shittier by the day, with the last straw being the passage of the Finance Bill 2018 in the most draconian of ways in the Lok Sabha.

The fascists keep spearheading their agenda, whilst letting their goons run afoul bullying people based on their religion and 'ungodly food habits'.

Also, the present government continues to tighten its noose around the very people who voted it to power, while also having lost its sense of humour. Death threats against comedians who question the government propagandist way of creating a false sense of patriotism and calls for chopping off an actress' nose have become the norm of the day. The country as result has been (ironically) losing it's sense of humour with every joke, as it transforms into a joke in itself.

Tanmay Bhat, time and again has risen to the occasion and questioned the motives of the current government, and very often seeing through their smoke-screen, lies and deceit. He calls himself a comedian, but he's much than what meets the eye (not a fat-joke), and I firmly believe that he can make a difference.