Help Coby Keep his DUCKS!!!

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Coby is our 11 year old autistic son. He is a wonderful boy with a big heart that loves his pet ducks. There names are lil C ,lucy , ethel, hershey, midnight, Michael jackson, chester and Melody. These ducks have help our son so much he has joined 4 H and has a deep connection to his feathered family. They help him calm when he is having a melt down. He takes care of them feeds waters even gives them a bath. He shows them in poltry show and has won first place. Richland Boro with is in lebanon County PA is trying to make him get rid of his ducks. Saying we are running an agricultural operation witch we are Not. These duck are our family just like a dog. Please sign and help Coby Keep his DUCKS!!!  We are hopeing that we can get enough people sign to make a difference. THANK YOU !!!

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