Lifting the age of out of home care

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For too long the NSW government has been failing our kids.

they are forgotten when they are 18 years old no more support.

There  are aftercare services  for those in Out of Home care, but only if they are on their own not with the families who love them or have cared for them in the past.

The  support to this family  stops when they are 18 years , it maybe a Grand parent another relative or a foster carer they have no option they cannot afford to keep another young adult .

It maybe because of ill health most people caring for young people that they didn’t give birth to are part of the retiring age group, with their own difficulties, many don’t have superannuation to fall back on ,because they gave up work to care for our most vulnerable.

Our kids already had  a bad start  it is up to this government to support then until they are more able to care from themselves .

permanancy  is key for our kids, by funding when they are younger, will allow them to grow into trusting and caring adults.

Pru Goward you keep telling us that you want to support our Carers and for some Adoption and Guardianship is the answer, but for many more with huge problems, need NSW  government to help,as do the tireless Carers that struggle everyday

Pru Goward you boast that your numbers are down and  Adoptions are up and Guardianship is up .

Why not use the money you are saving with no aftercare for these, to help the many others will not succeed unless they have families who can afford the high expenses to care for them.

Some  disabilities  cannot be seen unless you live and care for them everyday.

If a Small state  like Tasmania can support their over 18s as do other countries.This government should hang their head in shame.

We have more children in Out Of Home Care than any other state in Australia , it’s nothing to be proud of .

If you can spend the money to keep Birth families together ,you must put in the funding to support the families who changed their lives because they cared.

No child is ready to be on their own at 18 years especially our kids .

Put  your  money where your mouth is.