“Change HHMS jackets/ outer garment dress codes”

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HHMS had an IMPORTANT Senior Meeting tonight and this is one of several we have been having concerning our Graduates. Last week we met with Jostens and some of us placed orders for Cap and Gown, etc... Some of the Jostens packages included regular Senior memorabilia such as jackets, T-shirts, sweatpants, joggers, keychains the usual stuff! These packages can sometimes be expensive, and as a parent if you purchase these you want your senior to get some use out of it! Well, just this particular year... Principal Gaydos has made dress code changes not of policy or the handbook. One change in particular has to do with the outer garments like jackets. Schools are already strict with dress codes and I believe in compliance according to policy. After school had started, and our students have already purchased their jackets for the year, principal Gaydos changed the jacket policy to her own liking, not according to handbook regulations as we were instructed as parents to purchase beforehand. She also informed the students they could purchase a cheaper sweatshirt from the Tors gift shop to wear, and as we also heard tonight if you were at the meeting, she must have bought these and is trying to get rid of them, because she somehow, got stuck with them.
*This is not our financial loss. *
Apparently she wants us to make up that financial loss for her. Hundreds of students signed a petition because they didn’t want to purchase the sweatshirt in the gift shop and they wanted to wear their regular jackets as before. She told them in class she knew about their petition and she told them it would be going absolutely nowhere! She also told them her dress code change would stand. And if they couldn’t wear a certain color of jacket they would have to get the sweatshirt from the Tors shop. If they couldn’t purchase one, she would give them one free of charge. Some students had returned their sweatshirts, because they were shedding, therefore, she said,she had used ones she could give away too.
We are paying money for our students/ seniors to get their HHMS memorabilia jackets and such... as parents we want them to be able to enjoy it! Of course they want to wear it to HHMS! and they want to wear it in class during the school week! As seniors they have different schedules some don’t even have school on Fridays. I called and talked to Principal Gaydos about this, and I got nowhere with her. Only help she offered was to try and get a refund from JOSTENS.
That is a horrible way to do business, not to mention how that would make my graduate feel.
I contacted Mr. Gary Porter at the Tangipahoa Parish School Board last week, and he said he will be addressing this. Tonight, at the senior meeting, I stepped up and asked Principal Gaydos if there had been any revisions made about the outer garment dress code? She said no. I also stated that the changes were not policy, etc... she told me the jackets had to be solid purple, white, or navy. I said, what about the cords? Can they be white? Because it’s hard to find jackets with solid color cords too. She started to get irritated. Said she would discuss this with me after the meeting. This was a Senior meeting and this was genuine questions about the seniors apparel and I asked her what about the seniors apparel from JOSTENS? why couldn’t they wear it like all the other seniors did before? I brought up all about the petition that got thrown out,, she said “meeting is over!”.. she abruptly put the mic down.. and walked off stage. Then, I announced at that time that I would be taking signatures for a NEW PETITION to go to the school board in support of HHMS Seniors and Parents whomever wanted to sign to see me directly! Every was cheering and shouting! YES‼️Yes‼️�YES‼️(Parents, and Students).

These students need to know their voice matters!!
Even if Principal Gaydos doesn’t think so.

Now, please know, I am all about rules and understanding.. but, this is ridiculous!

Just like I told Mr. Porter...

In the world we live in today, where tolerance is to be uplifted, bullying is to to be frowned upon, equality is to be what we strive for, voices should be heard and not shutdown. Principal Shelly Gaydos seems to be failing with not only the students but also with the parents.

I am taking a stand with these students! And I am proud of it.
Proud parent of a ❤️
“HHMS Senior 2020‼️”

I have started a petition if you feel compelled to sign and support these students click on the link below! Please feel free to reach out to your school board and share your thoughts. Mr. Gary Porter is very understanding. Thank you.