Prevent Shanly Homes using Annes Walk as a through road!

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Annes Walk on quiet evening 18/2/19

Shanly Proposed Access Point for 80+ Cars!

Annes Walk Community - Kens Bench

Annes Walk Community - Neighborhood Snowball Fight

Annes Walk Community - Street Party (Royal Wedding)


Prevent Shanly Homes using Annes Walk as through road!

Annes Walk residents, neighbours, friends and anyone else who visits Annes Walk we need you to sign this petition to prevent the absolute catastrophic ruin to the quiet and reserved Annes Walk Cul de Sac by Shanly Homes.

Shanly Homes are trying to make Annes Walk a through road to allow access to the field by number 43 and 40. It is obvious that our narrow Annes Walk can't sustain the additional increase in residential traffic and equally obvious facilitate 10-ton construction vehicles making their way back an forth. Shanly Homes estimate that there will be one car every 3 minutes traversing the narrow roads of Annes Walk, where children play outside and social gatherings regularly take place. An accident waiting to happen! Shanly deems this increase as negligible! - We do not!

Wordings from Shanly's submission document (as seen on the front page image)

"The trip generation arising from the proposed 39 houses and flats has been assessed in the Transport Statement. It is acknowledged that residents of Anne's Walk will have concerns arising from the additional traffic for this development. However, the Transport Statement shows that the additional movements would comprise 81 arrivals at 84 departures during the 12-hour period between 0700 and 1900 hours. In the peak a.m. and p.m. period these movements would comprise vehicle arrivals and departures of 19-20 in total. This is the equivalent to one additional vehicle movement every three minutes. Therefore, it is not expected that the potential trip generation would significant and the potential effects on the local transport network are considered negligible."

This is clearly not negligible, this proposal will RUIN Annes Walk and our quiet rural community which has stood proud for over 90 years!

At present, when working from home I have counted 6 cars during the day using the turning circle. Increasing this traffic by +84 is substantial! - This is a x14 increase in traffic and does not take into consideration cyclists, pedestrians, refuse or shopping services. 


Chartwell Property Group already have existing access to the development field via 168 Whyteleafe Road, a two-way main road. This access is more than suitable for the Shanly development. 

TandridgeDC, Shanly, Chartwell and all involved parties need to use common sense, look objectively at their goals, the impact to the Annes Walk Cul de Sac, its community, impact to the residents and to catastrophic irreversible damage this will cause, then work together to use the EXISTING access via Whyteleafe Road.

Access through Annes Walk is simply not needed, this whole exercise is based on inaccurate information, profiteering and greed above all else rather than focusing on building sustainable housing for the community, which is sensitive to the surrounding areas, like established communities such Annes Walk which has been a Cul de Sac for almost 90 years! 

Annes Walk and it's neighbouring friends are fighting this proposal through every means possible and we need your help!



a street or passage closed at one end.

no through road, blind alley, dead end