Withdraw your application seeking a special variation of 6.7% to fund the capital works program.

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This petition is in absolute opposition to the Tamworth Regional Councils plan to seek a mandate for a permeant 6.7% rate rise to fund its capital works program.

The proposal comes just two years after the TRC secured approval from the independent regulator for a perpetual 11 per cent increase with minimal push back from the community to provide a number of commitments  relating to infrastructure. We believe they have failed to meet those commitments.


We do not believe you have stuck to your commitments as outlined in the 2012/13 special variation application submitted to IPART and we now ask you to start to follow the federal governments example and begin to live within your means.


The Tamworth Community have some of the highest cost of living pressures imposed on them in regional NSW including the cost of electricity, the price per litre for petrol, the price of water and the 11% perpetual increase to rates, not to mention the flow on effects the last 2 points have had on the rental market, whereby landlords have been forced to increase yearly rental incomes above CPI to cover the additional increases TRC have sought.


This petition is not just about the capital works program the council are seeking funding for. It is an overriding feeling that our Local, State & Federal governments are so out of touch with  what the average constituent has to pay for in 2014.

Majority of YOUR rate payers are NOT swimming in money, most these days have made massive sacrifices to be able to live the "Aussie dream", but we should all acknowledge, with rate increases such as these, we can expect these dreams in the future to either be broken because of the crippling cost of living pressures or never happen at all because we can't afford to own land and pay our utilities simultaneously.


We ask that you stop distracting us with political fear & spin and treat us with the respect we deserve. This is not an opportunity  to "sell the story properly" (Northern Daily Leader Quote). This is an opportunity for you to listen to your local constituents and their relevant and actual concerns, rather than using smoke and mirrors to distract people from the bigger picture.



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Tamworth Community.

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