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Review the decision to charge £36.00 per year for each green bin from January 1st 2018

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Labour Councillors voted against this Green Bin Tax Grab, because it is unfair to those who  cannot pay and excessive for those that can pay.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we voted against this charge: -

It’s more than double the cost of the financial hole that Tamworth Conservatives think Conservative - run Staffordshire may impose on Tamworth by removing green recycling credits of £223,000.

There will be no discounts for those on low incomes, the elderly and disabled.

It’s bad for the environment, with garden waste inevitably being disposed of within black bins.

The Conservative group rejected the common sense suggestion that this charge will lead to an increase in fly tipping of garden waste.

Charge of £36 per green bin is equal to 21.6% increase for Band D Council Tax charge levelled by Tamworth Borough Council of £166.75.

If the £223k cost of losing green recycling credits was spread evenly over all Tamworth households this would cost on average £7.08 and would provide green bins collections for all.

There is potential for fraud, such as the theft of subscription stickers or of green bins with a subscription sticker, and the dumping of garden waste into subscribers’ bins.


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