“McBroom, if you want to be an Athletic Director, you need to go somewhere else!” XOXO

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Texas A&M University System and Board of Regents, we are asking for you to terminate Michael McBroom, WT's Athletic Director for telling our athletes on March 29, 2021 that "if they wanted to be cheerleaders, that they would need to go somewhere else!"  Parents of these athletes and students do not send their kids to college for them to be humiliated and mistreated.  They send them to get a higher education that will help them to succeed in life after college, not to stop them from achieving their goals and dreams.

During that meeting Michael McBroom, AD made multiple analogies to male dominated sports/coaching.  The group of individuals at this meeting did not care about students or their programs.  They were extremely and overtly sexist, and have little to no respect for these athletes, while they were pouring their hearts out and still were being ignored.  These faculty/staff members "knew" about it for a few years?  But, never mentioned it to any of these athletes for their feedback and he admits that he is no expert and wants their feedback NOW that the decisions have already been made.  They have no coach, no skill sets, no tryout dates and no research or explanation as to why they are doing what they are doing.

His actions, along with others, show that WTAMU and the TAMUS does not hold their administration accountable for their actions.  As their actions since February 19, 2021 to present show that they lack integrity, accountability, empathy and the desire for their students and athletes to succeed. His actions have also left current and perspective athletes scrambling to find other universities to cheer at, as collegiate cheerleading tryouts start in March and end in late April. Michael McBroom's vision is not considering that he is setting WTAMU back to 1898, prior to it being established in 1910.  His vision, "Is a greater experience for the fans!".  McBroom, you have your priorities wrong, as you should be providing a "Greater experience for your students and athletes!', as everything else will fall into place after that.

We are also asking for the termination of anyone involved in the decision and who knew about the cancellation of the Cheer Program.  As they are just as guilty for not standing up for these athletes and allowing Michael McBroom to humiliate and mistreat these WT Student Athletes.

We are also asking for the immediate reinstatement of the Cheerleading and Dance Programs, as separate entities like they were before with up to 25 athletes on each team, as these two programs require two completely different skill sets.  We are also asking for these athletes to have the accommodations they need to succeed and excel, unlike the other sports have, they have nothing. You have provided other sports that are mostly male dominated, accommodations that are unbelievable. One of those is the $38.8 million dollar football stadium that was just built, paid for by the students because it is included in their tuition.  You built that stadium and left out proper facilities for them to practice at.

Some of those others include John Sharp, Chancellor at TAMUS, Dr. Walter Wendler, President of WTAMU, Michael Knox, VP of SEES, and Amber Black, Asst. VP of SEES.

In that meeting there were many violations of Title IX.

If you have not watched the video of that meeting on March 29, 2021, you can watch that meeting here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/451570916122835/permalink/461516338461626/


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!