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Big Bend Power Station, owned by Tampa Electric Company, is a large, polluting coal plant next to Apollo Beach. Although the plant is within a mile of five schools, it is currently breaking open dumping rules by polluting the groundwater with both arsenic and fluoride. Every three weeks, someone dies because this plant continues to burn coal. Florida has some of the most abundant solar energy capacity in the country. It’s time for companies like Tampa Electric to start using it. 

Tell Tampa Electric CEO, John B. Ramil, to close down Big Bend Station and start investing in unlimited sources of renewable energy like the sun.


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Letter to
Tampa Electric Company CEO John B. Ramil
I just signed the following petition addressed to: John B. Ramil, Tampa Electric Company CEO.

TECO’s coal-fired power plant on the bay poisons our air and water with mercury, coal ash, and other toxins. To protect the health and environment of Tampa Bay, we call upon TECO to shut Big Bend Power Station down.

It is responsible for more than 200 asthma attacks and dozens of heart attacks, hospital visits, and premature deaths each year. Coal is the fuel of the past and holding back Florida’s renewable energy potential. Close Big Bend now!