Vitamin stores are Essential

Vitamin stores are Essential

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Sam Bidi started this petition to Tampa Bay and

Vitamins are essential.

Yesterday, police entered the Vitamin Shop in Saint Petersburg, FL. An officer said “ We got a complaint your store is still open and you’re not an essential business, shut down immediately”.

I believe that to all of those who shop at a store that sells vitamins, they understand the essential part of vitamins and supplements. The value of them only increases the further you are from 25 years of age. 

Vitamins and nutrients are essential to a healthy person. They are essential for the young and even more essential for our aging and elderly whose bodies may have difficulty producing or absorbing such essential nutrients and vitamins.

They are essential for normal cell growth, function, and development. 

As for our current pandemic:

Research has not yet proven but has suggested certain supplements/vitamins are beneficial for issues not only of sinusitis, but also pneumonia which is also a byproduct of this novel Coronavirus : Bromelain and Quercetin and Vitamin C

And for those who are not allergic to sunflower oil, Liposomal vitamin C is also a good option with the other two supplements. 

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Much research suggests these supplements do more good than harm. Supplements, vitamins and herbs can not only help the body fight illness but can do so with fewer side effects than over-the-counter medication.

These supplements can help the body function properly. They may not cure diseases, but why not seek to prevent disease and boost immune function in the first place. We need to be more humane in how we teach and treat people.  

Our knowledge of food science is only beginning to progress and become more well known. We should have the right to purchase from a vitamin store as easily  as we can pick up a doughnut or fast food.

During this time of pandemic due to a novel Coronavirus we should, as individuals, be allowed to shop in a store that sells vitamins and supplements locally. Not only to stay healthy but to also keep our local economy as much as we can and not outsource it all to bigger chains who can take the hit at this time.

To force them to close not only unemploys more workers, but also implies that supplements and vitamins are not essential. It also removes rights for those who would normally shop local and remain healthy with such essential vitamins and supplements .

If there is ever a time to encourage individuals to remain healthy, now is the time. If there is ever a time for us to keep our right to remain healthy, now is also the time. This is not a hurricane where we can get away with a poor diet and malnutrition. 

Even if you don’t sign this petition, or overwhelmed Officials have more pressing matters to attend, please at least go to and take a chance at keeping yourself and loved ones healthy. 

 If stores and unhealthy “essential” restaurants and cafes such as Dunkin’ Donuts are allowed to remain open, please allow for local stores that sell vitamins and supplements to keep their doors open too. 

The best kind of care is caring before it’s too late. 

Thank you for caring and keeping the health of your community as a priority. 

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