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The inequality and unjust social structures in our Tampa communities are a detriment to our current and future generations of our Black children.  We will bring a greater economic empowerment to our Tampa communities.

UPA will make a huge impact to bring equality and social responsibility to our urban communities in the Tampa area.  The re-development process and project plans includes the design and construction of a cultural grocery store, a community garden, and the establishment of the Gateway to Africa and the Caribbean, and 500 units of affordable housing.  These major projects will bring jobs, business ownership, home ownership, vested interest with a pride of ownership, technology training, entertainment, tourism, fresh fruits and vegetables and a certain code of ethics.

To make this all possible, we need your support to participate in the encouragement of the Tampa Housing Authority to expeditiously explore the option of a partnership or a purchase option contract, to purchase a property located at Main and Rome Streets.

We are raising the funds and garnering investors to complete the projects after we have control of the property.  We truly need your help and support.