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Please help free a innocent man with 4 children

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So I don't usually do things like this but my go fund me account was denied because it's a legal matter, so with the being said I need help. So if everyone could share it and donate it would be so grandly appreciated. 

My name is Ariel Taylor. I am here on behalf of my father William, who is better known as billy.

Last year, my dad was involved in a wreck with a drunk driver while driving for uber. The wreck left him without a vehicle, and while going throughome physical therapy, he eventually became in need of a place to stay. He was forced to move back into the home of his three youngest children and ex wife. 

Things were going well, as my dad was awaiting his income taxes and settlement money from his wreck. The plan was to utilize this money when it came though for him and my youngest sibling, autumn 13y/o, to move out to California with myself. 

That's when everything turned sour..

Not only were there disagreements on whether or not autumn could move to California, now there has been a fabrication of allegations that could land my father serious jail times for crimes he did not commit. We have at least 5 witnesses that can attest that this story is in fact false. As well as other information that cold help prove his innocence. 

Now seeing how broken up our family is, all of the financial responsibility is being left for me, a 19y/o marine, thousands of miles from home, and my 18y/o brother who is a high school senior. 

The goal is to stop the madness now and prevent the case from going to trial our only hopes in doing so is to raise money for a lawyer. And everyone knows how expensive this can be. 

Luckily for us, we've found one who can help us at HALF the price of what the other lawyers are asking for.  Now we're reaching out to everyone who will take the time to read this and support us to keep our father free, so we can resume the life we've worked so hard to build. 

If you would like to help, I would simply ask you to download PayPal and just donate through them. I wouldn't ask if it weren't a serious matter but our family could use all the help we can get right now. The email you'd put into the PayPal is  please share this with everyone. The more, the better.

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