Immigration - Request to expedite the H1 B & Green Card Backlogs

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High Level Problem Statement: I want to bring your attention to an issue impacting more than 1.5 million high skilled immigrants who are currently stuck in decades long green card backlog. These high-skilled immigrants, many with advanced degrees in STEM, have followed all the laws, paid taxes and contributed significantly to the United States, but are victims of 50-year-old immigration laws. Discriminatory per country caps in allocation of immigrant visas have severely impacted their lives, careers, and families.

The Background Story: I graduated with a Masters degree in Technology Management from University of Bridgeport, CT. Although, I was offered employment opportunities in Canada, United Kingdom and other countries, I decided to stay in the United States because I felt this country had become home to me. Fortunately, I got a work visa in time that enabled me to work and stay legally in this country. Over the years, with my abilities I was able to do good work and provide good expertise in my professional career that has helped many corporations in America to grow and I was/ am part of a growing system.

I am fortunate and grateful to this country that was given me innumerable memories to cherish. I aspire to work in this country in future and provide my services that would help America grow and eventually the growth is spread across the globe. I believe my growth (and growth of so many immigrants here) would also help the fellow Americans and the companies that operate in America eventually leading to a growth in the American economy.

Continuing with the same hope of helping the American economy, I applied for the Green card many years back (2009 to be precise). I have an aspiration to become an entrepreneur in America and I hoped that the Green card would help me in achieving that dream that would allow me to give back to this country in form providing employment opportunities to others. 

The Impact : In the recent years due to the Green card backlog(s), my strengths and aspirations have become weak. I am saddened to learn that the green card backlog puts me on the sidelines and not treat people like me as a priority for growing American economy. 

I cannot start my own business and create American jobs. One job loss during this tough time, would force me to liquidate all my assets and investments here, and leave the country within 60 days. Children who were born here, and are American Citizens, will also have to leave along with their parents and their future will be impacted forever. America will not only lose investments but will also lose skills and talent it helped develop. This will have a far-reaching impact on the United States economy, American families and businesses. Foreign-born children of these immigrants may need to self-deport, if they do not get permanent residency prior to turning 21 years of age.

Every congress member today agrees that immigration laws are broken and need to be replaced with a fairer system that best speaks to the needs of the current times. In spite of this, there has been a lack of action on this issue. This has continued to add not just uncertainty and insecurity in lives of the high-skilled immigrants and their families, including children, but also affecting the competitiveness and innovative culture America is known for.

The Request: I sincerely request you to take our plight into consideration, become our champion, and clear the green card backlog. To clear the backlog (Green Card & H1 B), Congress can take multiple actions such as eliminating per country caps from employment based immigrant visas, recapture wasted visas, remove counting of dependents of primary applicant from employment based category within the same pool, or temporarily increase proportion of employment based green cards. Congress already has a huge consensus on some of these proposals and 300+ cosponsors for the bills such as HR392 reflect such bi-partisan support. 

Please clear the Green card and H1 B backlogs and improve the immigration system so that many people like me dream to make it big in this amazing country and you have a system that supports good immigration. 

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