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Test our VETERANS for Agent Orange known diseases and give them a chance for treatment.

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Vietnam veterans being treated by VA medical facilities are not always being tested for agent orange related diseases. If a veteran exhibits symptoms of any of the presumptive agent Orange diseases they deserve a diagnosis.

My husband was exposed to agent Orange in Vietnam. He trusted and depended on VA medical care. He exhibited many symptoms of AL Amyloidosis, yet he was never tested for it. It is a difficult disease to diagnose, but that is because it is rare. It is rare  outside of exposure to chemicals used in Vietnam that is. VA doctors should be more well versed in these specific diseases and be trained to test for them.

With early treatment a veteran's life span and quality of life can be greatly improved. Unfortunately for my husband, Paul, there was no diagnosis until, in desperation we went to Mayo Clinic. He was diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis within a few days. It was too late for treatment and he passed away two weeks later.

Please sign this petition demanding a law that our Veterans get the care they deserve. I propose that VA medical personnel be required to test, when symptoms warrant, for known chemical exposure caused disease. 

Our Veterans are suffering with severe, debilitating diseases that can and should be treated. I saw my husband suffer in agonizing pain and worse. He was told that no cause could be found for his illness. This is unacceptable treatment of those that sacrificed their lives for us. There was a treatment for him and many others. They suffer and die never knowing about it. 

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