Tell Joe Biden & Democrats to Hire Americans First

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As a Black American and lifelong Democrat, I am excited about how we influenced the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election. However, I believe that for decades the Democratic Party has not delivered transformative economic policy that is specific to Black Americans. We want the party to begin delivering and it can start by working together on these two immediate concerns:

  1. Winning Georgia’s two Senate seats
  2. Opposing changes or the elimination of the Executive Order (E.O.) 13788, Buy American and Hire American

Winning Georgia’s two Senate Seats

The Democratic momentum needs to continue so that Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock win Georgia’s two Senate seats. The Democrats need Black voters to rally behind and support this critical and must-win election. President-Elect Joe Biden, Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris and each Congressperson needs to endorse, support the senators fundraising efforts and encourage the Democratic Georgians to get out and VOTE.

Oppose changes to or eliminating Executive Order (E.O.) 13788, Buy American and Hire American

We want you to OPPOSE any changes or the elimination of this order. We understand the country needs a new comprehensive immigration plan however eliminating this order will cause grave harm to American workers who are unemployed or under-employed due to COVID-19. The Democratic Party can use this order to unite the country by offering a fair labor market that focuses on reskilling and hiring Americans.

Unemployment is an issue for the country and especially for the Black community. Black unemployment surpasses all ethnic groups at 10.8% as of October 2020.  Good paying jobs with benefits are important to reduce the unemployment rate.  Filling American jobs with immigrants via the H-1B visa program has a negative effect on US workers especially Black Americans.

The Black community rallied behind the Democratic candidates for the 2020 Election.  Additionally, Biden said he would not take Black voters for granted. With that said, we want the Democratic leadership to encourage Biden against changing or eliminating Executive Order (E.O.) 13788, Buy American and Hire American.