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Millennials’ Against Assault Rifles Act

(M.A.A.R.A’s Law)


Author(s): David Zornow & Tori Atkinson


M.A.A.R.A’s Law is to ensure the safety of all person(s) in the Republic of the United States of America.  The purpose of this law proposal is to enact smarter gun laws and assist law enforcement. Our proposal will not affect law-abiding citizens nor will it infringe on any American’s constitutional rights of the second amendment. We demand that our lawmakers and the executive branch take action immediately and place this law with an up/down vote.


1.       No person(s) shall purchase any assault rifle from any public or private entity in our republic unless the person(s) has been approved by the following organizations’:

A.      Military person(s) may obtain assault rifles for the purpose of the duties described by the constitution and the protection of the Republic.

B.      State, County and Local law enforcement may obtain assault rifles with specific oversight from the FBI who will track all person(s) and governments that have issued assault rifles.

B.1. any person(s) of the state, county or local government who knowingly defrauds the FBI background check by falsifying information to obtain an assault weapon will face a minimum $10,000 fine, up to a max of $250,000 including up to 1 year jail time.

B.2. All citizens are required to participate in the gun exchange program who currently own any assault rifle. The exchange program will be a buyback program the FBI will track the guns returned and the value of the gun will be paid out as 50% of value back to the gun owner and 50% of the proceeds to the insurance fund in Section 4 of this bill.

B.3. Any non-citizens of the United States who obtain any assault rifle will be immediately detained and punished by any applicable laws contained in this document; including an additional penalty of a non-return clause. All current immigration laws will still apply to any non-citizen.

B.3.1 The non-return clause will establish an FBI database of all citizens and non-citizens who have violated M.A.A.R.A’s law and non-citizens who obtain assault rifles will never be eligible for citizenship.



2.       No person(s) shall own or use a firearm without completing a universal background check through both public and private entities.

A.      Any persons who obtain a firearm illegally can be punished by a fine of $10,000 or/and 1 year in jail and will be charged with a felony.

B.      Any person(s) who obtain an assault weapon illegal forfeits the right to bear arms for a minimum of 10 years and can be fined up to $250,000 or/and 5 years in prison and will be charged with a felony.

C.      All citizens must provide accurate background check information and must complete the background check 30 days prior to purchasing any type of gun.

C.1. Any citizen who falsifies information on the application will forfeit the right to bear arms for 5 years and can be fined $10,000 or/and 6 months jail time.

C.2. If a private or public entity knowingly sells any weapon to a citizen or non-citizen without conducting the background check will forfeit their rights personally to bear arms at minimum of 10 years; including a fine up to $500,000 or/and prison up to 10 years.

C.3. Private or public entities who knowingly or help falsify any information to sell a firearm to any person(s) which leads to any death; or injury may have their business licenses revoked  and the government has the right to seize all property related to the issue; and be held accountable for all civil damages up to $1,000,000 per person(s) hurt or if death occurs (multiple by 5). This includes any judicial judge to also charge the entity with the death of the person(s) and fine the company(s) up to $250,000 per weapon sold illegally to the person(s) who committed any crime.


3.       Gun safety classes will be required for all citizens who would like to obtain firearms. The citizen must first comply with all background checks and complete a gun safety course, which will be established by each state with federal guidelines to assist with a general standard.

A.      To establish the new guidelines, the government will establish a fund to study the health effects from violence and education of gun control through the CDC with funding provided in 10-year increments.

B.      Each state must establish a gun safety class that meets a reasonable standard of protection of all person(s) in the state.

C.      Any instructor who falsifies or knowingly issue a “pass course” will be convicted of a felony, fined up to $50,000 or/and up to 5 years prison time.

D.      Instructors will forfeit the right to bear arms for up to 10 years for knowingly passing anyone who has committed a felony or/and has a mental illness.

E.       Any citizen who is not eligible for obtaining a licenses who knowingly tries to obtain a license will face a minimum of a $10,000 fine or/and 1 year in jail or/and 1000 hours of community service.


4.       An insurance fund will be established and funded by the universal background check fee that will be started immediately with the approval of additional startup costs.

A.      A fee of $50.00 will be assessed for each individual background check and will be adjusted for inflation.

B.      The fund will assist individuals who have been mentally or physically hurt by gun violence with any medical bills; including lost wages from the employer.

C.      The fund will help any individual with mental health awareness and fund all Americans to seek any mental health care deemed necessary by a physiatrist.

D.      The Department of Human and Health Services; to assess the community needs and work directly with the CDC to identify where additional mental health services are needed, will manage the insurance fund.

E.       50% of all buyback program funds received will go only to the insurance fund to provide services.

F.       A 15% federal sales tax will be levied against all legal gun sales; both private and public entities are responsible for collecting this tax.

F.1. The 15% sales tax monies will go to block grants and divided up for each state to install additional security at every school in the Republic.

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