Save the TB Scott Mansion

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Thank you.

I want to say thank you to all who signed the partition. It really meant a lot to me to try and save save our history. Unfortunately it has come with great sadness to report that ascension completed there demolition of our great mansion this week. I am however extremely upset that it had come to this and the committee has also tried there best along with the citizens of are great city. Sadly, it was little to late and with the demo permit issued underneath the table, there was not much more we could try and do. We fortunately were able to save the tower and it will be preserved and placed on the trail near the mansion. Ascension did manage to pay for its recovery but they neglected to let us save the entire mansion. They’ve also neglected to perform the upkeep on it even though it was promised back in 2018. Again, I want to thank everyone for showing their support, it sure does mean a lot. 

Lucas Tesch
3 weeks ago