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Remove The Letters ழ/ள/ண from Tamil

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For long the greatest, smartest, bravest, strongest, most intelligent, most advanced race & civilazation has been the Tamil Race and Tamil Civilization respectively. Since, we have made advances in millions of fields, we do not have enough time to pronounce Tamil letters correctly. 

95 out of 100 Tamil People cannot say ழ to save their lives. For example Domex கிறுமிகளை அழிக்கும் is pronounced Domex கிறுமிகளை அளிக்கும். The meaning entirely changes from erasure/destruction (அழிவு) to provide (அளிப்பது). A similar thing happens when pronouncing ண & ள. Invariably it ends up becoming ன & ல.

Because Tamil People have million concerns like TASMAC, Biriyani, Thala-Thalapathy fights, protesting oppression of Tamil People by Aariya Vandheri Modi Government, they have little to no time for practising and correcting this pronunciation flaws. Unfortunately, the Aariya Vandheri Brahmins are generally good at pronouncing these letters (they took it from the original race & forced the mispronuncations on the Tamil Masses) and mock the real inhabitants of Tamilakam.

So my humble request to the Tamilnadu Government is to pass a new law: RTP: Right To Pronunciation Act. By the passing of the act the letters ழ, ள, ண must be completely eliminated from the Tamil Alphabet. This will prevent mocking from these evil Aariya Vandheri Brahmins.

Also, the Government of Tamilnadu should pass a PFM: Prevention From Mocking act. Anyone who mocks must be jailed for 786 days and/or fined ₹78,600. This way the pride of Tamil Society will be maintained.


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